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Hurricane Irene in Abaco, Bahamas

Here are some clips from Hurricane Irene, which hit Abaco as a category 3 storm on Thursday, August 25, 2011.  Happily, there were no serious injuries or loss of life, just lots of wind and rain.

Tell us your stories or send us your clips so we can share them!


4 Responses to “Hurricane Irene in Abaco, Bahamas”

  1. […] 19.00 GMT: Not much to report, except that my impression is that communications are gradually being re-established on Abaco. I have sent out a few inquiries, and am waiting responses which I will post as and when. Meanwhile there is a new post from Conch Salad TV – a site many Abaconians will be familiar with – that includes video clips of Irene from last week                          CLICK===>>> CONCH SALAD  […]

  2. Mario says:

    Wow was in Nassau. We didn’t get bit hard at all. I was wondering how things were in Abaco.

  3. b manson says:

    it was about that here last night in south louisiana
    i enjoy mother natures force and respect it
    i stayed for katrina and that was a storm

    from way down da bayou,


  4. Robert says:

    I’m wondering how the Abaco Parrot colony is doing after the hurricane. Any one know?

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