Andros Film and Feedback!

Here we present the award winning film “Andros: Living off the Land and Sea.”

Afterwards let us know what you think with this survey.



We made it several years ago, but there always seems to be a demand to see it again. We would love to make more films like this, and you can help us figure out what works and what doesn’t.  What island would make a great film? Take the survey and leave us a comment!

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Most of the great music in the film is from Andros! Elon Moxey and Joseph Spence in particular, plus many of the old hymnals.

This film was made with a lot of help from the local people and businesses, and The Nature Conservancy, The Andros Conservancy and Trust, and the Bahamas National Trust.

Features: crabbing, bonefishing, sponging, spearfishing, birding, blue holes and more! So much to see and do in our ‘backyard’!

Eleuthera #1: The Island

Eleuthera, a four part story brought to you by Behind the Mask. This first video focuses on the beauty found on the island of Eleuthera, from flowers to fishing to friendly faces. Known for its long stretches of beach and the glass window bridge where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, Eleuthera is definitely a unique island paradise!

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Joulter Cays: Sustaining Natural Wealth

Come explore one of the most remote and unique places in the Bahamas.

Find out why it’s good for the environment and the economy!

Produced for the Bahamas National Trust by Loggerhead ProductionsLet us know what you think!

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