The Coral Reefs of Abaco

These children are here to tell you what they love about the Coral Reefs of Abaco!

Corals may be in trouble, but there are lots of great solutions to help. So students, fishermen, and scientists are all working together to preserve these fish filled places for the future.

What is your favourite fish? Where is the best reef in the Bahamas? Leave us an answer!

Over the next year we will be working on a feature length documentary about reefs, and will be posting short videos to promote. Stay tuned!

Brought to you by Friends of the Environment and the Bahamas Environmental Protection Foundation.

Coral Reefs of Abaco

Four Episodes of Mad Science

Mad Science is a messy and fun science show made in the Bahamas featuring a slightly crazy host and students from middle schools in Abaco. Featuring exciting  experiments with step by step instructions, as well as lots of messes and a few explosions, this colourful and Bahamian show will appeal to students, teachers and the kids inside all of us!

Let us know in the comments what you learned!

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Our show is part of the Bahamas Learning Channel which is also home to the hit show Gary the Explorer. Check out the second weather episode here!