Four Episodes of Mad Science

Mad Science is a messy and fun science show made in the Bahamas featuring a slightly crazy host and students from middle schools in Abaco. Featuring exciting  experiments with step by step instructions, as well as lots of messes and a few explosions, this colourful and Bahamian show will appeal to students, teachers and the kids inside all of us!

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Our show is part of the Bahamas Learning Channel which is also home to the hit show Gary the Explorer. Check out the second weather episode here!

Pipi Pwason!

A video about a science project in Haiti that actually began in Abaco and makes a good comparison sister project. This is aimed at the local Haitian community on the Ile a Vache-BUT since its subtitled and entertaining Bahamians can see how it relates to us!


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Gary the Explorer: Weather Episode One


Just in time for Hurricane Matthew-hang on everyone in the Bahamas. This one is all about the weather, and the second episode features hurricanes. So if you need something to download and watch when the power goes out, start here. (click the download button under the player on the vimeo page).

Gary explorers our Bahamian weather and what it means to us and our island ecosystems. Plenty cool weather shots and things to show-so we split this one in two!

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Beautiful Places: Park Two

Blue Holes are overlooked ecological wonders of The Bahamas. Although we often forget about them, there is a place in Abaco that is crying out for our attention. Come experience these blue holes and understand why scientists and explorers need help to protect them! The second in a three part series about proposed parks in Abaco, Bahamas. Let us know what you think!

Sponsored by Friends of the Environment, The Nature Conservancy and the Waitt Foundation created by Loggerhead Productions.

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Lionfish Invasion, Part 2

What is a Bahamian solution to a dangerous invasive species? Eat ’em.

Lionfish are invading Bahamian reefs at a dangerous rate, threatening native fish stocks and the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem. This documentary looks at one of the Bahamian responses to the invasion.

Part 2 of “The Lionfish Invasion” documents some of the very interesting research and scientific projects being done in the islands. It turns out that there is not very much information about lionfish or the consequences of marine invasive species, so The Bahamas has become a living scientific laboratory.

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