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Conch Salad Films, formerly Loggerhead Productions, is a full service production company based in Abaco, Bahamas. We can work with you to provide equipment, help with logistics, film on land or underwater. Whatever you need to make your Bahamian film project a reality.

Bahamian Film Experience. 
Conch Salad Films has diverse experience with clients ranging from scientists, conservation groups, real estate firms, visiting television series and documentaries, and visitors who want a unique video to capture their time here, be it a vacation or a wedding.  We take the time to respect the our clients’ vision and work with them to make sure we deliver a product that more than satisfies.

Outlets. Conch Salad Films has established partnerships with ZNS, the official channel of the Bahamas Government, and independent stations Cable 12 and JCN. These connections provide a built in audience spread throughout The Andros location Bahamian filmBahamas. Our show Gary The Explorer, which is popular across the country and shown in classrooms, often features research and can be a valuable outreach tool for certain projects.

Partnerships.We’ve worked with a variety of nonprofits, like Friends of the EnvironmentBahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization, the Perry Institute for Marine Science, many Government Ministries, including the Ministry of Education, Tourism and Antiquities Monuments and Museums, as well as independent researchers and tv film crews.

Location.  Our company is based in the Abaco region of The Bahamas. We’ve traveled from Inagua, the southern most island in The Bahamas, to Grand Bahama, the northern most island, and other parts of the Caribbean finding stories to tell and unique images to capture.

Style. In editing and music use we have a uniquely Bahamian film style. It speaks to the culture of these islands while remaining accessible to an international audience.  

We look forward to working with you to create something original, humorous, educational or entertaining.

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