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Why Advertise with Conch Salad TV?

Internet users who choose to watch a video on Conch Salad TV have already demonstrated an interest in The Bahamas. If your ad is there, they are only a click away from your website.

Conch Salad TV will appeal to residents who are interested in learning more about their country, visitors who have come to these islands, fallen in love and want to stay connected from home, and people who have never been, but dream of coming. Because the content will be updated consistently people will have a reason to keep coming back.

There are many islands in The Bahamas without access to local TV channels, Conch Salad TV can help fill this void.

Why advertise with Online Video?

According to eMarketer, which provides research and analysis on digital marketing and media, online video content is “on an upward trajectory. Audience levels and stream counts are rising, the demographic range of the viewing population is expanding and the content mix is evolving from short, snack-type clips to long-form content such as TV shows and feature films.” In addition, over the next several years, mobile distribution through smartphones will further expand the reach of Web video.

Statistics compiled on internet usage show:

  • There are 1.73 billion internet users worldwide
  • 82% of United States internet users watch videos on line
  • Youtube shows 1 billion videos a day
  • 12.2 billion of those videos are viewed per month in the U.S.
  • The average U.S. internet user watches 182 online videos in a month

During October, 2010, 84% of the internet audience in the US watch an online video. The average duration of the online content video was 4.9 minutes, while video ads accounted for 12% of all videos viewed. Learn more…

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