Isla Tampry, Haiti

Often times you see campsites throughout the Bahamas that are closer to the fishing grounds and temporary. We found this site in Haiti on a sandbar next to the barrier reef. It’s crazy to think that this started as an outpost but is now a full on settlement, but that’s the way of humanity right? this is not a place you would want to be in a hurricane!


Have any Bahamian campsites become settlements in recent years? Or, because of hurricanes, are people leaving isolated islands for Nassau and Grand Bahama? Let us know here:

Andros location Bahamian film

Andros: Living off the Land & Sea

Here we present the award winning film “Andros: Living off the Land and Sea.”



We made it several years ago, but there always seems to be a demand to see it again. We would love to make more films like this, and you can help us figure out what works and what doesn’t.  What island would make a great film? Take the survey and leave us a comment!

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Most of the great music in the film is from Andros! Elon Moxey and Joseph Spence in particular, plus many of the old hymnals.

This film was made with a lot of help from the local people and businesses, and The Nature Conservancy, The Andros Conservancy and Trust, and the Bahamas National Trust.

Features: crabbing, bonefishing, sponging, spearfishing, birding, blue holes and more! So much to see and do in our ‘backyard’!