Isla Tampry, Haiti

Often times you see campsites throughout the Bahamas that are closer to the fishing grounds and temporary. We found this site in Haiti on a sandbar next to the barrier reef. It’s crazy to think that this started as an outpost but is now a full on settlement, but that’s the way of humanity right? this is not a place you would want to be in a hurricane!


Have any Bahamian campsites become settlements in recent years? Or, because of hurricanes, are people leaving isolated islands for Nassau and Grand Bahama? Let us know here:

sailing haiti

Bahamians making Docs in Haiti

We are making a documentary in Haiti this June and it will be epic! Now, Bahamians might not think that could be too interesting, but check this video out. Plenty here for Bahamians to be excited about, and lots for us to learn!

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