How do you like your Crabbie?

In this video we take a look at crab catching on Andros, meet the inspiration for the Eddie Minnis song Church Out, Crab Calling, and learn how to make some traditional crab dishes!  Most important, we find out how people like their crabbie!

How do you like your crabbie? Let us know in the comment selection below…

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  1. HAHA!!! LOVE IT! This video is too funny.

  2. love it, love it, love it! where can we get some crab and rice? hook us up, gary!

  3. Nikita (Darville) Dietrich

    I miss all that crab and I miss those crawfish heads… yummy I hungry now. Try ship some to South Carolina for me, that’s where I am… I wantin my Bahamian home food..

  4. Gretchen LeBoutillier

    Well Done Gary and crew!!! I love Conch Salad TV!!! Makes me feel like I am back in Hope Town again!!!!

  5. This was informative, original, down home and funny as hell. I want some of that bake crabbie now and ohhhh the crab and dough damnnn. This is what I call real Bahamian production, this is what the tourist and local alike want to experience some real Bahamian culture. I hope your videos can air on cable television one of these days or maybe the food channel can feature our Bahamian way of cooking. Love this conch salad tv awsome job

  6. Great show! love the commentary and the video is top notch! keep up the great work!

  7. Good job. As a Bahamian I found the play on the word “crabbie” quite amusing.

  8. I want one a dem fat crabbie too…..plenty fat, with gigantic claws and dough coming out of it. If ya bake it, make sure you add yeast to it so the meat cud rise and over flow the rim of the shell.

  9. that person in the background talking sounds alot like sandra

  10. The best baked crab can be found on no other island but the island of Andros. Talk about eating your heart out!