Manatees in The Bahamas

Manatees Rita and Georgie made the news spending time in Spanish Wells, Eleuthera and Nassau Harbour.  Find out how Rita and Georgie ended up the Berry Islands and learn more about manatees in The Bahamas. Then let us know if you’ve seen a Bahamas manatee.

For more information visit the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organisation’s website.

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  1. I smiled straight through!I can’t help always looking for Rita and Georgie in Spanish Wells Harbor. I miss them, but think they are definitely in the perfect place!!
    Thanks to everyone who made that possible and kept them safe!!

  2. I live on Great Harbour Cay the marina. I watched this release in was done directly across from our house.. It was amazing and I am sure a once in a lifetime experience!! We all need to take great care to see that they are not harmed by their biggest predictor…man and his boat !! Not too much to ask for all of us to SLOW DOWN when entering and exiting the marina. Looking forward to monitoring their progress and continuing to See their progress for years to come. Thank you all for a job well done !!!

  3. We had one sighting last year in Rice Bay at the northeastern tip of San Salvador. Sighting was made by a science teacher and experienced diver. Unfortunately, I never got to see it. Had the privledge of swimming with them in the wild off Belize. They are amazing creatures. Great work to the team that did the rescue and relocation! Thank you for your dedication.

  4. What a JOY to watch this. I enjoyed this immensely. We LOVE manatees and always get excited when we see one here in Florida. Film was beautifully crafted.

  5. I saw one manatee three times just off shore (30-50m) west of Sandals in-front of Towers/Bayroc last Saturday afternoon. Not big more the size of a seal/sealion but had all the attributes of a mammal coming up for air.

  6. There is a regular guest in the Morgan’s Bluff boat basin Small as far as I can tell, 2 scars On right side of its back

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    • Cheryl, March 7, 2013 at 6:43 pm Our family of four (two kids ages 6-1/2 and aosmlt 9 and my hubby and I) had a wonderful time swimming with the manatees today! This was always a dream of mine since I was a child. Our captain was Charlie, and he was professional, friendly and informative. His instructions were clear and helpful. He told us a few times, Do as I instruct, not as other people are doing. Personally, I would avoid going in the hotter weather (less manatees out and about). We plan on going back to swim and snorkel with the manatees the next time we go to Florida.