Old Nassau! Vintage Colour Film

Some old 8mm and 16mm footage of Nassau from the late 1950s. Home made, but in color!

The song is by Blind Blake and His Royal Victorians.

If you recognize any of the lost places let us know here: https://www.conchsaladtv.com/?p=987&preview=true


  1. I was born in Nassau in 1959, I can still remember Nassau like this! It was back when Nassau was clean and crime free. I remember walking around the straw market and watching the ladies plaiting, sewing and decorating the hats, bags and dolls with raffia. The real thing! Not like today, when they import everything.The good old days! Thank you for posting this old film, it brought back great memories!

  2. Great photos,thanks for sharing. Lots of happy memories.