Reggae in the Bahamas?

We don’t expect to find much LIVE reggae in Nassau (not much live music in general these days) but check out Willis and the Illest. They got a blend of styles, and are steadily building their local audience with their weekly shows. What do you think about them? Have you seen them perform live yet? Or heard their newest album? What is the future of Bahamian Reggae? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

This video features interviews with lead singer Willis, vocalist Mandisa and percussionist Felipe. Other videos will look at other members of the band.

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  1. Reggae is wonderful and has no geographical boundaries. Hope Willis and the Illest are coming to the Abacos to play! Praise Jah!

  2. Love it!

    • Hey, Im the new guy over at thecoolestout, and latey I’ve noiectd youve been posting alot of reggae/ chill music, and i was wondering where you keep getting it? Im really digging it, and so is there a reggae blog you follow?Thanks man

  3. Pure Magic!!!! Nothing can compare to seeing The Illest live to feel the energy! Every time feels like the first time…It never gets old!

  4. Greetings

    Thanks for taking the time out to showcase reggae in the Bahamas and the Islands most contemporary & modern day reggae outfit Willis & the Illest.

    I believe the program really starts off on the wrong foot. By the looks of the people interviewed they all look old enough to know that reggae is about peace, love, unity & equal rights & justice. It’s a sufferer’s music made to make you feel good. Where does reggae music glorify guns & violence and have a bad rep? I believe they are confusing reggae with it’s cousin dancehall. Remember dancehall came out of reggae and is not the essence of reggae. It’s just like rap came out of R&B, so would you say r & b is gangsta, not really. Is it ghetto and glorifying bling and selling drugs etc NO r&b is about love and relationship b/w lovers so PLEASE DO NOT DO IT TO REGGAE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Most definetly its about the positive vibration released from reggae music. I can truly say that The Illest are carrying out the duty of reggae music.

    Bless Up!!!!