Save the Bays Investigates Bimini

We have been working with Save the Bays on a new investigation series-here’s the first one on the controversy at Bimini. We’re looking for your feedback on the narration and style. What do you all think? Leave us a comment on the video here or visit our facebook page and let us know. Is it too over the top-or not enough-or just right? Is it fun and interesting, while highlighting key issues?  We want your input as this is the first and more are on the way!

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  1. Your video is very interesting, but the info flashes by too quickly for easy
    digestion. For example, a person barely has time to read the text informatio n
    before the video continues….thus blunting the purpose of your video presentation.

    Good luck to your efforts…they are appreciated by anyone interesting in saving
    the environment from corporate rape.

  2. This is not new news I have been pointing this out for five years. North reef was destroyed five years ago or more when they dredged. I’ve watch this go on for years. Complaining about it now is practically useless. Once the Reefs are suffocated in silt they are dead. You guys are years late. I can show you pictures.

    • Bimini has NOT been wrecked and is still a wornudfel place. The resort in this video has been dramatically scaled back due to our efforts, and will no longer include a golf course.Bimini is currently undergoing many positive changes, including some of the unsightly barges and junk around the island being used to create new artificial reefs.Bimini has also been mentioned recently by National Geographic as a premiere eco-tourism destination!Come visit and see for yourself!

    • We’re still pushing to get Bimini’s Marine Protected Area esihlbtsaed. We’ve been waiting 10 years, but we won’t give up. The western shore of the North Sound lagoon has been destroyed, but the golf course has not been built, and hopefully never will be. Thank you for your support, and please share this video with others.