The Elusive Bahamian Pineapple

Why can’t we find no pineapples?? No, not them Costa Rican ones-we mean fresh Bahamian “Sugar Loaf” pineapples? ConchSaladTV investigates.

Clearly we still need clues. Or one clue would be good. Drop off what you know in the comments section so we can follow up.

I bet these guys know where to find them:  Pineapple Fields Eleuthera’s renowned boutique beach resort and home to  Tippy’s restaurant, considered one of the best in the Bahamas.

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  1. Nicely done Stafford and Gary!!
    Now I WANT PINEAPPLES from Eleuthera!! In Hope Town. NOW!

  2. Just heard from Andros-no pineapples there! Lady Di, what do you think, can we get them there?

  3. I enjoy your short but informative and interesting documentaries. Keep up the good work!

    Stephen Albury

  4. i grow a few in Florida. collected the tops in Spanish Wells (fruit from Eleuthera)in the mid 1970’s. Now i have the great grandchildren. i also grow the current market pines in a small plot. the Eleuthera pines are by far the best tasting fruit