Beautiful Places: Park Two

Blue Holes are overlooked ecological wonders of The Bahamas. Although we often forget about them, there is a place in Abaco that is crying out for our attention. Come experience these blue holes and understand why scientists and explorers need help to protect them! The second in a three part series about proposed parks in Abaco, Bahamas. Let us know what you think!

Sponsored by Friends of the Environment, The Nature Conservancy and the Waitt Foundation created by Loggerhead Productions.

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  1. Great video! How can we get involved to help realize the creation of the park?

    • Thanks for watching Emma. Contact Friends of the Environment in Abaco and also Brian Kakuk at Bahamas Caves Research Foundation. They are the main sponsors of the proposal and are looking for lots of support!

    • I applaud Annie Potts in her effrost to restore the Elbow Cay Lighthouse.How great that she really cares about our fascinating history.I am quite devastated to see another lighthouse possibly an even MORE regal beacon of light in Crooked Island known as Bird Rock, falling into total disrepair. It is so exquisitely built and was obviously greatly revered at one time. I hope that this attention to lighthouses in our unique history will bring help to Bird Rock one of the most magical and extraordinary landmarks in our country.

    • I have been coming down Freeport way for 32 years. Live on Royal Palm way. It is home to me. Bahamians are rich in faith, disvere in their devotion to our Lord with the many churches that scatter the landscape. They live their faith. They are chairitable, loving, kind, smiling, and warm. I always miss the Island while back in Chicago. The culture is alive and colorful, from my first memories of Gumbay summer to Junk-a -noo, a people and place i fell in love with many years ago .

  2. Need More videos