The Great Conch Race

How fast can a conch be cleaned? Conch Salad TV found out in “The Great Conch Race”! Watch local Bahamians clean conch against the clock in Conch Salad TV’s first video.

A Loggerhead Productions (production). Directed by Matthew McCoy, Edited by Beth Sweeting, Production Assistance: Megan Reynolds & Gabrielle Manni, Narrated by Gary Richardson.

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  1. Awesome, can’t wait for the next episode. They made cracking conch look too easy.

  2. You need a Grand Bahama Representative to make this official. You know that we have an annual Conch Cracking event

  3. I agree with artful nigga we need a Grand Bahama Representative there is a annual Conch cracking event that happens every october the east end of the island all of the champions well be there it is in mcleans town!