Marching for Justice

In the summer of 2010 a camera followed several pro-hanging marches and interviewed some of the marchers about why they were marching and what thy hoped to accomplish.  The resulting video is intended to start a conversation about what can be done about rising crime rates.

This video is sponsored by Bahamas Remembers a new website dedicated to Bahamians who have been taken too soon by violence. It has been designed to allow families to post pictures, share memories and make sure their loved-ones are not forgotten.

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  1. very thoughtful film about murder in the Bahamas…at the end of the film you ask us to consider the following three questions, here are my answers
    Question 1: Will hangings bring justice and peace to the victim’s families? I say, probably….
    Question 2: Should suspected murders get bail? NEVER..
    Question 3: What can be done about violence in the Bahamas?
    This is the most thought provoking one of all. I say, we hire policemen that are not Bahamian, we are all related, and this is a huge problem when it comes to ENFORCEMENT. If the smallest of crimes were enforced Bahamians would understand that there are consequences, and those consequences increase with the crime.

    • The problem of one of the highest murder rates in the world in for a non war country may not lie in the punishement but we have to look closer at why the acts are committed. In most countries, the areas where the murder rates are the highest probably has some correlation to socio economic factors. In short if there were more for these people to look forward to in life more opportunities they owuld in fact value their lives mor eand in turn value others lives.

  2. Book of Deuteronomy
    An Eye For An Eye
    19:21 “And thine eye shall not pity; but life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.”

    It is written, why do we not obey?

  3. I love the clip, the more awearness to this crime issue we can bring the more support we can gather from the public to lobby for change in our justice system. We cannot continue to live in fear in such a small beautiful country like the Bahamas. Mr. Moncur and his demonstrators I commend them and Mat keep up the good work with the films. You and your team have done a wonderfull job.

    Michael Simmons

  4. Hi, this is Shanique Major’s son, Tyrese, I think that hanging will send those persons that are thinking of murdering,raping or molesting children out of there age range fleeing because they don’t want there life to be taken away. And can you assist me in creating a website. My phone number is 393-4529. Thank you!!!!!!

  5. i think ull should start hangin then murders will be thinkin twce but killin hang them to much murder in our bahamas u hear the song bishop lawernce sing to much to much murder do somethin

  6. I do not intend to know all the answers to the crime problems in the Bahamas.I do know a personal story inwhich I myself was involved. I was attracked by three guys in Andros back in 1979. Three men ganged me and tried to kill me. They beat me with broken bottles and a piece of two by four until I was almost dead. then I was only 127 lbs. The biggest one was about 250 lbs.about twenty minutes into the fight, after I was all bloodied and near pass-out.I remembered I hat a little pocket knife in my pocket. I took it out with all the remaining strength I had. The biggest guy biggity as he was jumped in to the knife in bear-hug fashion . the knife lounged into his heart. He ran holding his chest. The other two cowardly ran with him. He died within minutes.In the bahamas I was arrested and charged wth murder. I spent 103 days in Foxhill prison. Pure hell.waiting trial,suffering abuse at that institution. I was an innocent victim.I never felt sorry for the guy that was killed. I was given bail for something I should have never been charged for. I hate the Bahamas government and police force. every one in Foxhill may or may not deserve the rope..I was there.i sure as hell did not deserve to be there or the rope. So my point is. You cant fix the crime problem until you fix the police force and the government of the Bahamas.starting with the PLP and the FNM. Do you think I should of bin hanged for defending myself. Hell no. Bahamians need to defend themself against any enimy foreigh and domestic. at this time in in our nation current status. self defence is our only means of justic. this is pure war. Bahamians should arm them self to defend themself. every one that was killed in the Bahamas innocently was un-armed. think about it.the wrights to bear arm is constitutional.In the bahamas it is necessary to not be a victim. who do you trust to protect you? the Police. Or Ingraham..Not every one in foxhill is guilty..

  7. Oh subsequently it took the attormey general office three months to reduce the murder charge to man-slaughter.those bastards still tried to put me in prison for defending myself.At the supreme court I was found unanimously not guilty by a jury of twelve. can I sue the Bahamas government for false imprisonment. Good luck wright! There is no viable answers to the crime problems in the Bahamas under the present governments,and those incharge.So don’t be a victim bear arms or move to America and don’t look back. You can find conch and fish in america.

  8. The problem with crime in the Bahamas is that the socio-economic problems have been quadrupled due to population increase due to natual increase. Satan is at the root of the crime problem and he has many agents operating in the Bahamas. The Legal system is too tied up with the Free Masons of the Bahamas. They are involved in many underhanded dealings to get crooks of the hook so to speak. Their dark designs need to be investigated to see how much they contribute to crime at the lower end of our soicety.

  9. God is our is our only help against this crime monster.

  10. God is our only help against this crime monster.

  11. I feel DAT crime will never stop on till they start hanging the more people they hang the lest crime but crime starts from the homes they talk about shock treatment DAT don’t stop nothin dat just is make the younger generations wiser these are the last days if we don’t change things it will get worst I have lost my brother and my mother died after I say this to day we have poor leader.

  12. Put it like this if u kill some dog they will kill ya cat and it becomes an on going thing so people when they kill it becomes ah high they want to kill over and over agin the only way to stop crime is to hangn and farther more poverty plays ah big roll its a sad thing the way this world is going only God could save us sad to say.

  13. The life that was taken is left without value, the law speaks clearly when justice is not serve by taking the perpetrator’s life. The value of the criminal is much more important, for he or she has greater value, they have the right to live even if their lives are now dictated to by others. They actually have rights, who fight for the rights of the deceased. Today in the Bahamas the message is clear, there is no value for innocent life today. We gun down, stab, rape and butcher the lives of our people all in the name of anger, revenge and clear greed. May the God of glory awakened his people to stand in the gap for the lives of those who are left, it was not promised it would get better but times will wax worse. Dear BAHAMAS our hope is in JESUS OF NAZARETH.