Stephen Burrows: Portrait of an Artist

A profile of unsung sculptor Stephen Burrows, who created the unique steel creatures that decorate four different islands of The Bahamas: Exuma, San Salvador, Abaco and Nassau. Mr. Burrows donated his art to the country, the only payment he received was in the form of scholarships for Bahamian students. Although retired from BEC, the artist hasn’t given up his dreams of creating one more final, giant sculpture.

The video features the song “Show & Tell” by Eddie Minnis, if you would like to hear more of his music visit his website.

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  1. Lobster restaurant…..YES!!!!!!!!!!

    • yes i think that there should be bahamian design sculptures to every local bahamian restuarant or government business places.

  2. Lisa(Burrows)Bastian

    Fabulous! Really well done. Appreciative of the recognition for the artwork of a very devoted Bahamian.

  3. It’s truly sad that as a nation, we still have not come to grips with the fact that we won’t lose anything of ourselves if we were to recognize, appreciate and proclaim the fabulous talents we have right here at home. I’m not certain, but, can probably righteously presume that not a word about Stephen Burrows, ‘acclaimed’ (or should have been)Bahamian sculptor can be found in one of today’s Bahamian authored Social Studies textbooks – for our children to learn about and appreciate what we can produce and create. How much would you bet, that if even one of those sculptures had been a gift to The Bahamas from some foreign country or foreign artist it would be maintained, shined up, written about, praised, gushed over and practically worshiped – and definitely not left to rust like the incredibly beautiful lobster. For shame.

  4. So much talent……it’s just infuriating that our government is so shallow and self centered…..thanks Conch Salad TV

  5. I may be biased since Mr. Burrows is my father, but our Bahamas treats him just like we treat all of our other treasures….with total disregard.

    My Dad is a giant of a man…he is way ahead of his time…I guess that’s why it’s hard for the average brown skinned Bahamian to relate to someone who thinks progressively.

    • Your father is an amazing man and yes I do agree that he has not been given the recognition he deserve by our country. But rest assure that will change as more awearness to his work be displayed through these types of media outlit like conchsaladtv. Alot of people may not know that he is more than just a sculpturer and artist but a man with vast amount of engineering skills who is great at solving problems most engineers fail to detect. Your dad is amazing and you and your family should feel proud to call him yours. Check out some old close up pics I have with him on my facebook picture album area.

    • Yes Growing up in Eleuthera i can truly say that Uncle Steve is a real Bahamian legend. He is my real hero.

    • could you please let me know how to reach your Father. i am helping my daughter do a project on him. Thank you. Toby

  6. My big brother Steve is so amazing. His has given selflessly to improving the landscape of the Bahamas. His sculptures are the wonders of the Bahamas. I think that the government should finance the finishing and upkeep of all the sculptures. Steve’s dreams of a giant lobster might be ‘pie in the sky’ but if he believes in it enough I say ‘go for it’.
    God bless you, Steve-you are a very special person.

    Love ya,

    Your little sister, Eula

  7. This was by far a very proud moment to see Stevie and his amazing sculpture getting some recognition on conch salad TV. I watch stevie weld the dragon and I was never so impress to see the creativity in this man. I have always tell people when they ask me who my Bahamian hero was and without a doubt its Stephen Borrows a man I have worked with grown to know and love very much. Mat you guys did a wonderful job with this clip and must I say it was faith that bought us together and through this collaboration Stevie story is out there. I told you he was an interesting person lol.

    Michael Simmons

  8. Great job to the Conch Salad TV team. I am truly inspired by this film. It makes me feel proud to be a Bahamian. However, the sculptures need to be completed, and the Lobster restaurant sounds like a fantastic idea to me!

  9. Thanks for introducing us to Stephen Burrows. It would be so cool to meet him in person one day. Keep up the good work Conchsalad TV, I vote YES for the lobster restaurant!

  10. Amazing Story. Amazing man.

    I always wanted to know the history on these pieces. Thanks Conch Salad tv!

    I would love to see the dragon completed or the giant lobster and him be able to train others. We need another one at NIA!!

    Also raises great questions for our Gov’t re: nurturing our artists — why do we still have duties on art supplies?

  11. What I think would be an excellent idea would be to place that Giant Dragon by the new sport center stadium as an attraction and somewhat of a recognition to China’s dedication to Bahamian sports arts and culture. And the giant lobster restaurant would be perfect and the world can now recognize our own type of statue of Librity

    Michael Simmons

    • I love this idea, Michael. The dragon at the stadium and the lobster restaurant in town or somewhere along JFK or West Bay Street would be fantastic! It can be accompanied by small shops and be its own Bahamian market.

  12. Each time I visit Nassau & drive in from the airport I wonder about these sculptures – although I asked our taxi drivers, none knew?? Thanks to Conch Salad TV I now know. It is a HUGE shame that Mr. Burrows cannot receive even an answer to his queries! YES to the lobster restaurant – YES to art scholarships. YES to Conch Salad TV!!!!!!

  13. I feel the giant lobster with a restaurant is an execellent idea. With the downtown revitalization project it can be placed at the former Kelly dock site. I am also an artist and am willing to assist with the welding.

    • Thank you for the offer, its so great to see Bahamians supporting each other. We’ll make sure it gets passed along to Mr. Burrows.

  14. Well, I think Mr. Burrows should fnish up his unfinshed task and then make that giant lobster.

  15. I am not a welder but my company have access to a welding machine that he can use if he is still interested in repair that rust spot on the conch shell.

    I have seen the dismantle dragon at the entrance of BEC on Soldier road. What is needed to?:

    1.Complete the works.
    2.Get the work displayed in a more prominent location than its present.

  16. I vote for the giant lobster! The Spiny Lobster is a prized resource that is shipped the world over. More awareness is needed to let the public know how important lobsters are to the livelihoods of many fishermen and to the world who depends on the Bahamas to export them. However many are fished before they reach the mininum legal size, so a giant one will definately get the message out that ‘Size Matters’ when it comes to our lobsters!

  17. The idea of a giant lobster with resturant and a little market place around it would be almost a new Feature signure for the Bahamas from an internatonal aspect. I feel that through these comment and a some good awereness we may be able to start something here. So if any of you have the ability to write or have some influence please lets see if we can get this idea out there.I’ll see what can do from my end The climite is great for this and Mr. Burrows can get started before the lord calls him home. We need to show the world what talent we posess as Bahamians. Ohh I am so proud to be a Bahamian right now.

    Michael Simmons

  18. I vote giant lobster all the way

  19. I Giant lobster with a small market place around it would be a new feature signature for the Bahamas from an international aspect. I would suggest that we give this idea some more attention through the different media platforms. So if any of you have writing skills or have some influence now is the time to lunch this brilliant idea. Let utilize the ability of Mr. Burrows before the Lord calls him home and allow him to pass on such a wealth of experience to the many young sculptures that might assist him on this project. Ohh I am so proud to be a Bahamian right now.

    Michael Simmons

  20. This was one of the saddest documentaries I’ve seen in a while. I’m from Freeport but have (naturally) been to Nassau on several occasions and noticed the large artwork of Mr. Burrows. He was never mentioned in History or Art class in high school. He was never honored for his patriotism and good heart and his work never truly appreciated on a national scale. Regardless of the government in power, artists of the Bahamas should be given due honor. We MUST create a foundation for Mr. Burrows whereby scholarships continue to be given and he receives proper compensation for his work. From an accounting perspective, the government and other entities who have benefited without paying, should be carrying a liability on their books for the debt owed to Mr. Burrows. He should be a millionaire!

  21. I couldn’t agree more with you Shameika and not only is he a great artist but someone who has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share it especially with young people. I have had the privilege to work with Mr. Burrows or Stevie as he pefer to be called and trust me this Bahamian Gentleman is amazing in his work and his character. I would hope that the more people view this video the more exposure to the man behind the craft and maybe we might one day before Stevie passed see his dream of that Giant Lobster

  22. Thats my Papa (grandad) we need that Restaurant NOW!

  23. La Verne Burrows-Deleveaux

    Wonderful work Conchsalad crew! My dad has dedicated his whole life to his work and his country. He takes pride in everything he does. Like Mr. Simmons said, art is just a fragment of his talents.
    Stephen Burrows is an artist, engineer, writer, builder, sportsman etc, etc, etc. Trust me, the list goes on.
    He is a very interesting and yes controversial human being with so much to offer.

  24. Oh yes Miss La Verne controversial indeed and a very interesting person. He captivate the room with a bold but gentle way of speaking and some one that knows his fact quite well on most topics. He is not afraid to speak his mind and will call a fool a fool lol. And to those who know him quite well will know that he don’t like being called Mr Burrows but just Stevie. You father is an amazing bahamian and his work should never be keeped away or left to rot. Some Japanese saw the Dragon at the BEC blue hills plant where I work and was so amazed at it. You should have seen the look in their eyes when they saw the sculpture. Cheerish him and make sure his work is never left abondon

  25. Bahamian or not, watching this was truly inspiring! I finally can say I know who created those artistic marvels that bless our Bahama lands.

    On another note: we as a people must stop depending on the our government! From a resources point-of-view yes it may be the easiest and safest way to start something such as the lobster restaurant but there are other ways. I’m sure there are Bahamians out there willing to invest in an idea such as this – once a proper plan is laid out. I know these investors are out there because I am one of those Bahamians that would be willing to invest. Let US move FORWARD because it is a clear general consensus that our GOVERNMENT is FAR BEHIND!

  26. Oh, almost forgot…Great job Conch Salad TV!!

  27. Bonnifer Schweizer

    After almost 30 years of coming to Hope Town and driving by the parrot in the roundabout in Marsh Harbour, I now know the artist who created this sculpture. This video certainly gave me an appreciation for Mr. Burrows work….a work of love for his home country of the Bahamas. I would love to see the sculptures all completed and good conditon for the generations of people to enjoy his work. What a fellow to contribute his creations and in lieu of payment to give scholarships. Congratulations to MR. Burrows who deserves to be recognized for all his contributions.
    I hope the Bahamain government realizes they have treasure in Mr. Burrows. Just let him finish his work.
    A lobster restaurant?….it certainly would be interesting to see that one!
    thanks for doing this video.

  28. YES I believe in the Lobster Resturant and if he would like to place it in Abaco, I will try with all my might to make it happen!

  29. All of the ABOVE, boy the scholarships really could have been used, GREAT idea for that instead of cash, and the money that could have been made and can still be made and the skills taught. What were they thinking not accepting your offer?

  30. I just found Conch Salad T.v this morning at 12;49 and was blown away by Mr. Burrows’ story. I think you guys have done an excellent job of telling his story. Boy does he have a heart for his work and the people of his country.
    Be encouraged and I vote yes for the restaurant and I will cover it and market it and do what ever I can

  31. On behalf of the Bahamian people I say “thank you, Mr. Burrows.”

  32. I would like to commend Mr Burrows for creating such wonerful works of art. I am sadden that the goverment would not back his dream of a lobster resturant it would have been fantastic.

  33. Stephen Burroughs is the man !!!

    For years, I’ve been admiring his parrot sculpture at the Marsh Harbour, Abaco Airport Roundabout.

    Glad SB’s finally getting some recognition. And, I just posted this video on Face Book.

  34. A truly talented patriot. And well done Conch Salad TV.

  35. WOW I happened to stumble across this site and learned something new today. Mr. Burrows has tremendous talent! It would be wise for our youths to learn something from him – as he’d suggested building the lobster restuarant with the help of welding students. WHY was he not paid ONE SINGLE PENNY for those sculptures? Had it been a foreigner (no offense I’m referrin to a non-bahamian) who would’ve done those we only would’ve read about the millions of dollars our government dished out!

  36. Thank You Mr.Burrows.Many guests at the Sandals Royal Bahamian(Nassau) asked about your sculptures around the island and hope that you would be glad to know i was able to give them your name.One couple made it a outting for the day, going around taking pics with your work.I wasn’t sure where all of them were located so i told them to ask their taximan

  37. The first glimpse I had of this video was by way of cable television. I’ve lived near one of Mr. Burrows’ sculptures my entire life but never once thought to ask where any of them were originated or who was responsible for their creation. What amazes me most is the fact that this ‘giant’ of a man has yet to be named as one of our cultural icons. Thank you, Conchsaladtv, for showcasing Bahamian talent, because too often we forget…That is, until it is too late!

    To Mr. Burrows…Always remember that your true reward awaits in heaven!

  38. Allancia Emmanuel

    Yes, we should make the Lobster restaurant. It would be an excellent tourist site and Mr. Burrows should be in charge of building the restaurant. Keep it Bahamian!

    Great work throughout The Bahamas Mr. Burrows

  39. Yes, yes, yes and yes to infinity . . . I am captivated by the idea of the lobster restaurant and have been captivated and intrigued by all of Mr. Burrows’ works of arts. It is my view that this great artist’s work has never been given the magnitude of national recognition that it truly deserves. Mr. Burrows’ idea of the lobster restaurant is truly unique, creative and wonderful!! One that should be developed and implemented as soon as possible – it would auger well for our tourism industry and by far the cultural aspect.

  40. I think they should put that large lobster in the 8 leg roundabout that would be beautiful in there

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  41. The lobster restaurant is a great and unique idea. Mr. Burrows I just love your work.Thank you Loggerhead for honoring Mr. Burrows in this way.

  42. we really need more artist like Mr. Burrows! to say the lest!
    i would more then help !! money can never pay for true happiness!!
    as small as the bahamas is, we have some of the biggest things going for us! we just dont see it!!

    my name is Allan Russell

  43. DO YOU HAVE A CONTACT FOR MR. Burrows I am a young welder n would love to learn more about the art form of it

    • Email me. That’s my grandfather

      • This will be my first trip to Nassau, and am very excited. Although this won’t be our last visit, I want to try and see as much as polsibse within 4-5 hours we have on the island. I want to ride horses and possibly go to Atlantis, any trip suggestions? This is a family vacation that will include me, my husband and my 10 year old son

  44. I would like for him to finish all his master pieces what he started along with the giant lobster restaurant because it with the economy by being a tourist attraction

  45. The Lobster rstaurant sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m sure it would bring attraction to the Bahamas.

  46. Elga Miller-Delancy

    I have only just viewed the brief documentary on Cable12, and I agree that it was indeed a sad documentary…Sad because Mr. Burrows has not been compensated for his artistic contributions to the beuatification of our country. Even sadder still is the fact that this gifted artist is unknown to many of our Bahamian students, and to many Bahmaians at large. As to the suggestion of a lobster restaurant, I don’t see any reason why it can’t work. It can serve as a national attraction for tourists and Bhamians alike. Certainly something the government should look into. If not, there is no reason why able Bhamaians couldn’t take the project on as well.

  47. This is the second time I have seen this story on this artist. I find it to be shameful that the Government has not given him the recognition and assistance to maintain and continue his work. He brings beauty to some otherwise mundane areas. In a country where the economy has been slow an attraction such as the Crawfish Restaurant could only help.

  48. That’s my dad…. I’m glad that you guys showed so much appreciation and was able to create all of this for other artists and to a hard working, dedicated man to God, his family and country. The idea of a lobster restaurant has been an idea for a while. Dad is up in age and we are ready to maintain the sculptures, but its very costly. I’m proud of my dad, and its great to know that others are as well.

  49. A gaint lobster plz I hope it be done. Let him in the schools and teach our gifted hand kids the art to. Real Bahamian talent.

  50. God really gifted him with the ability to make beautiful art. I hope and pray that one day the Lobster restaurant will be a reality. God bless Steve Burrows and our Bahamas.

  51. I agree that he should have received recognition as well as remuneration!! To think of the time and talent and materials he used it is a crying shame!!

  52. omg I never learned about him in school. its a pleasure learning about him now with my son at st Thomas more

  53. Loved the information. Always wondered who constructed the chicken. Don’t know much about Nassau, but the chicken has always been my land mark whenever I visit Nassau. Love It.
    Very much interested in the idea of a Lobster Restaurant. Have Mr. Burrows contact us please..Just the thing we are looking for and need would love to hear more of his vision and to see any sketches he may have.

    It’s the Lord’s will – His dream of a “Lobster Restaurant” will become reality.

  54. I could remember,those sculptures from I was a young boy. And it a disgrace to see them all not in the proper place around the Bahamas. These sculptures would’ve great for Tourist attraction as well as our school children learning about the sculptures as well as the artist who created them. It hurt me a whole lot not see them anywhere like that only the Conch Shell,White Crown Pidgeon and the Rooster is still around.

  55. Mr. Steve Burrows is a fantastic artist as well as being a gentleman and scholar. His work has been admired for years. Having lived on Eleuthera for 21 years I know what havoc the weather can do on metallic items. It is sad that no maintenance was done on the sculptures.