Party in da Backyard

Come along with Sarah and watch as crawfish (Bahamian lobster) are speared, cleaned, cooked and served at a Party in Da Backyard. Enjoy the views of the beautiful Bahamas reefs in the underwater scenes!

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  1. Another great Conch Salad TV production!

  2. Look great guys!

  3. great work matt and crew.besus had sent me the crabby video which was absolutely enjoyable, and truly authentically bahamian.
    i may have been in that same lady’s kitchen in andros putting in an order to bring back to abaco. love that crab…keep up the good work.
    all the best,babs

  4. Awesome Sarah! I want some of that Lobster:)

  5. Hello all,

    FANTASTIC!! Best video I’ve seen in a while, keep up the great work.
    Will be in GTC first of July.



  6. Nice work Conch Salad TV…Great video…a party in da backyard brings people together with great food, fun and good times…life is short…enjoy and celebrate the joys of a simple life.

  7. Sarah this was excellent you made me feel like coming home. By the way am stealing the recipe.

  8. great video, boy that have my mouth watering.

  9. this looks absolutely delicious! … and those underwater shots are great! … beautiful vid! …

  10. great video
    Bahamas is the greatest place to visit and live
    what kind of sling is that??


  11. Great Video! Well done!!